Artist and Sledgehammer Games CEO, Director of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Glen Schofield Presents

Icons by Glen Schofield

An Exhibit at Golden Gate University

San Francisco, CA (May 12, 2015) – Golden Gate University (GGU) announces “Icons”, the first major exhibition of works by Glen A. Schofield—a California artist, GGU alumnus, and co-founder and CEO of Sledgehammer Games.

Opening Reception: May 21 2015, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Golden Gate University, 536 Mission Street, San Francisco, California

The exhibit will feature more than 100 black-and-white drawings and acrylic paintings by the creator of 2014’s bestselling video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and 2011’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (co-developed with Infinity Ward Studios)—the largest entertainment property in history. The event will open on May 21, 2015 with a hosted reception from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., where the public will have the opportunity to meet Schofield, hear him speak, and preview his works. A portion of the proceeds will benefit a scholarship fund for veterans.

Glen with Icons December 2013

Icons” showcases Schofield’s lifelong commitment to drawing, a passion that has propelled him from his beginnings as a freelance illustrator to powerhouse in the video game industry with over $3 billion in sales. The portraits celebrate the cultural icons that have inspired Schofield to push the envelope of his own creativity, and were selected from about 300 images that he has drawn over a two-and half-year period, working quickly and ambidextrously on paper, board, and canvas.

I am a trained cartoonist and I had been doing caricatures all my life,” said Schofield. “Then I started drawing bigger, looking for new ways to capture individual faces, cropping them in unique ways that would bring them closer. I am attracted to creative people who have made a positive impact—actors, entertainers, scientists, musicians, other artists—and this is how I see them, how I want to show them. I call this series ‘Icons’ because each one represents a person who stands out for his or her talent and accomplishments. Some may be people you have never heard of, but they have all exhibited something that sets them apart.”

Schofield chose GGU as the venue of his first show because of his long association with the university and GGU President Dr. Dan Angel. He graduated with an MBA from the Ageno School of Business in 2002 and ten years later received GGU’s Rising Star Award, given to alumni who exhibit extraordinary professional achievements and contributions to the community. In 2014, Dr. Angel invited Schofield to deliver the graduate commencement address and conferred an honorary doctorate on him. At the reception on May 21, Schofield will in turn present Dr. Angel, who is retiring this year, with an art piece commemorating his tenure.

It’s an honor to come back to GGU, it means so much to me,” said Schofield. “I completed my MBA attending classes half-day on Fridays and all-day Saturdays because I had a full-time job and two children at home. The MBA gave me the confidence I needed as an artist to go into a boardroom with CEOs and presidents of companies and understand what they were saying. Now I am right there with them. After I got my MBA I was made VP of Electronic Arts and went from creative leader to business leader. The MBA helped me create the business plan for my studio, and it also taught me how to go deeper into research, deeper than the competition, which has helped me tremendously in the creative process.”

We are excited to welcome Glen back to GGU, to celebrate with the GGU community yet another milestone in his impressive career as an artist and entrepreneur,” said GGU President Dan Angel. “We were thrilled when he accepted our invitation to hold his first solo show here at GGU.”

Whether painting, drawing, working with digital media, or directing his next game, Schofield spends almost every waking moment creating. Growing up in New Jersey, he was defined as an artist at an early age and encouraged by his parents to follow his passion. When he was 10 he won a national Kellogg art contest, and by the time he turned fifteen he was one of the first and youngest to attend the Joe Kubert School of Comics and Graphic Arts. At Kubert, the rule of thumb was to be on the board eight to ten hours a day, every day. With his work ethic and a path foreordained in art, Schofield went on to excel at the prestigious Pratt Institute of Art and Design, graduating in the top five of his class with a BFA.

Glen Schofield - Sledgehammer Games

Schofield’s career as a freelance illustrator in New York City took off after he won an art competition at Omni magazine. By his third year in the Big Apple he had created posters for Pepsi, ads for Exxon, brochures for M&M Mars, billboards for Toyota, and a piece for the Society of Illustrators prestigious show. His portfolio of clients included ATT, IBM, Panasonic, and Parker Brothers, among many others.

Following a stint as character designer for the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers animated series Schofield moved to video games, first as lead artist and then as art director, executive producer, and game director. He ultimately founded his own studio—Sledgehammer Games.

Over the past twenty years Schofield has worked on more than 50 video games and directed 13, including Dead Space (created and directed), James Bond, Call of Duty and Lord of the Rings. His games have won over 100 awards worldwide, including back-to-back Action Game of the YearBest Shooter, Best Graphics and two BAFTAs. His prodigious output also spans novels, comics, and collectible figures.

In addition to running Sledgehammer, directing games, and pursuing his art every day, Schofield is a sought-after keynote speaker with worldwide engagements at schools and industry events. In 2014 he was appointed to the President’s Advisory Board for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he is also a guest lecturer. 

I deeply enjoy talking about a creative life and how rich and rewarding it can be,” Schofield says. “I like the idea of helping others with the same passion follow their dreams and their hearts into the career path I have chosen.”


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