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I’ve been painting in acrylics for over 30 years. My subject matter has changed radically over the years but for the last 18 or so I’ve been focused on nature- landscapes and seascapes. This started when I moved to Northern California and saw the amazing beauty that is all around. From the mountains in Tahoe to shores of Monterey and Malibu the scenery is just breath taking. My paintings expand much further than just California these days. Hawaii, North Carolina, Nevada, even the woods of New Jersey and more have provided me with wonderful subjects to paint.

I paint from my own photos since I’m very particular about the colors, shadows and composition. Sometimes it takes over 2000 photos before I might find one I want to paint. Even then I take the photos into photoshop and composite different elements and tweak colors , saturation and contrast.

Once I’m happy with a photo I draw it onto a canvas and paint. I’m very meticulous with the details and spend a lot of time making sure I get every crack in the rocks, every wave in the ocean and every reflection in the sand. I just love to paint in my studio at home. I turn on the classic rock and off I go. I love it when one of my kids is in the studio with me doing some art of their own.


Glen in the studio
Painting in the studio.
A palette of acrylics to choose from.
Palette to choose from.

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