Icons (Black & Whites)

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I call this series ‘Icons’ because each one represents a person who stands out for their talent and/or accomplishments, whether good or bad. Some may be people that you have never heard of or actors you are unfamiliar with but to me they have exhibited something that sets them apart.

With some actors I choose to create them in the character that made them iconic. I work from many photos and videos that I mash together and then warp to create each portrait. They are then transferred onto, a minimum, 140 lb weight paper or board. Most are 18 by 24 inches, a few are larger. All are rendered using dozens of different types and size ink pens. I take pride in my line of work and I’m always pushing myself. I draw all of the time and average about 1 Icon every 2 days.

The backgrounds for many are designed as I go, in most cases, and heavily influenced by my love of pop art. From time to time I will use ink stamping if it fits the subject. The pieces are meant to be viewed initially at about 15 feet away but I then encourage a closer look at the details.

I’ve also created a few pieces of animals. These are Icons of the animal world.

Some call these Icons caricatures but they are my way of doing portraits.

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