ComicPop Art

For the past couple of years I’ve been creating new pieces of art I call ComicPop. They are actually a natural progression of experimenting from my arcrylic paintings. In my early career I was a professional humorous illustrator and cartoonist. I created characters for an animated TV show called “The adventures of the Galaxy Rangers”, I also had my own comic for ten years called the “Creative Life” and I studied at Joe Kubert’s College of Cartooning. These were in addition to many illustrations for hundreds of clients including Exxon, Parker Bros, M&M Mars, Toyota and AT&T. I’m also huge fan of Pop art; I love the bold expressions, size and colors. Slowly I decided to combine the two ideas on canvas. Usually larger canvases, anywhere from three feet to eight feet. I first started with the portraits I do in black and white. Then I began to expand my subject matter. It’s opened up my paintings to all sorts of compositions and subjects. I start with a bold, colorful background and then use acrylics to paint in the details. I go in with black or dark paint to outline and further detail. My style is more loose and less about fine blending with small brushes.

I’ve also combined my love of collage and mixed media to add a story, point of view and/or further info to the piece. I research my subjects extensively and print out articles, photos and all types of reference that will help convey my message.

I collect, search, buy and find anything that I feel might someday be important in a final piece of art. I have boxes and tool chests full of trinkets, paper, beads, buttons, you name it. I use glazes to bring the colors out even more and seal the mixed media bits. Finally I go back and add highlights and other colors in the background to draw attention to the main subject.

I still do black and white pieces, but now my studio work is exclusively ComicPop pieces, and most of the time I have multiple canvases I’m working on at the same time. I keep researching, experimenting and trying new techniques to push my work into new areas and create art that is satisfying to me.

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