“I have two distinct styles that are just natural to me- my black and white drawings (stylized portraits now) and my big acrylic on canvas land and seascapes. Both are so different, require completely new set ups and equipment and couldn’t be more opposite on how long it takes to finish each.”

With my paintings, they take a couple months to finish a big one. The preparation for a painting is also a huge investment of time and money. I photograph the scenes myself after checking out quite a few locations. It will usually take over 2000 photos for me to find the one that I will use as my primary piece. I draw it on canvas and begin painting. A couple months later and a new piece is complete.

I call my black and white stylized portraits “Icons”. I’ve been doing pen and ink work for over 40 years. I must have hundreds and hundreds of B&W pieces forgotten somewhere in boxes around the house. I experiment with all sorts of styles and techniques and love to try something new like ink stamping or collage for the backgrounds. The Icons have evolved over the last couple of years.

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