Artist Statement

Glen has been drawing since he was just a little boy. By kindergarten he was known as the artist and that stayed with him all through his school years. He took art lessons throughout the years and even went to Joe Kuberts school of cartooning when he was 15. He was entering contests whenever one cropped up so he learned about rejection and encouragement at a young age. But encouragement he got a lot of, from his parents who were always behind him to his grandmother who had an artist streak herself. He saw successful artists in Walt Disney and Charles Schultz on TV all the time so he never doubted that if one worked hard you could make it as an artist. He started selling cartoons to a local tee shirt company when he was 16 and won a National Kelligg’s cereal contest that also paid him money.

By high school his art teacher Mr Barbaro became a great source of learning and also encouragement. He convinced him to go to art college. Glen attended Pratt Institute where he majored in illustration. He loved being in NY and was always spending time drawing in all the museums. When he graduated he started freelancing in NYC right away. He got into computer graphics as well and loved that medium. He worked on an animated series called the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers where he designed over 150 different characters and was promoted to jr Art Director. His freelance career was also picking up. He was getting assignments from companies such as Pepsi, Exxon, Parker Brothers, ATT and M&M Mars. In 1990 a friend encouraged him to try out as an artist for the new field of video games. He’s been making them ever since. Today he is co-founder of Sledgehammer Games where he directs Call of Duty, the largest entertainment property in the world. Glen has never stopped drawing and painting and these days can be seen drawing in local coffee shops, the park and even while riding a stationary bike at the gym. Today he travels the world doing interviews for his games, lecturing on creativity and helping art students at many universities. He paints from his photos of the beautiful world around him and does his version of portraits of interesting people and animals. He still hones his craft everyday and never takes for granted the ability, the gift of drawing, he’s been given.

Glen A Schofield black and white in-progress

Working on a black and white ink drawing.

Glen A Schofield black and white in-progress

Early illustration.

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