About Me

I grew up in New Jersey and spent the first part of my life on the east coast. I’ve also lived in Brooklyn, Manhattan and now call Northern California my home. I started drawing at a very early age somewhere around four. My mom and dad, as well as my grandmother, encouraged me to be an artist my entire youth, which I’m extremely thankful for. I can remember my mom driving me to art lessons no matter what type of weather and taking me to all kinds of art shows. I entered every competition I could and learned very early that there was a lot of ups and downs and rejection in being an artist. But learning those life lessons early is also something that I appreciate immensely for it prepared me and I used them as a source of strength. “No” meant “Go” to me and still does today.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute where I received a
fantastic art education. Set right in the middle of the art world in New York City I can’t think of a better place to learn art and learn about life. About ten years ago I went back to school while working (thank you Barb!) and earned an MBA in business from Golden Gate University.

I have a beautiful and talented family; my supportive and absolutely wonderful wife Barbara and three kids - Nicole, Kyle and Caitlyn. We are very close with our families both on the east and west coast and thank them, especially our parents, for how they brought us up and the lessons they imparted to us. We are lucky to have such great families we can lean on.